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Oracle Academy to Offer Java Fundamentals Courses

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Through the auspices of our Partner, Oracle, The Oracle Academy has announced plans to offer Java Fundamentals Courses in Australia starting during the latter half of 2012 and beyond.

The Oracle Academy training will comprise of six weeks virtual training and two days of face to face training. The Java Fundamentals course lays the foundation for teachers with little or no programming experience to learn programming using a blended learning model. The course will introduce fundamental programming concepts and terminology in an easy, and engaging manner. Once teachers have completed the course they will be ready to teach the fundamentals of Java and object oriented programming within their school in a fun and engaging way.

Oracle is offering support to each state ACCE affiliate, and its members, by offering training programs to each state and territory where there is suffcient demand.

Oracle Academy's curriculum uses the latest version of Java available. This curriculum is designed to be used immediately by teachers when they return to the classroom with very minimal set up required.

At the conclusion of the training, teachers will have learnt the basics of Java programming and created either an animation or a game that state groups may use to showcase.

In each location that the training takes place, Oracle Academy will cover all lunch and tea breaks and well as all costs associated with training.

Oracle will not cover expenses associated with participants travel, accommodation nor replacement costs.

This offering is free of cost to all teachers.

The Oracle Academy program has been supporting secondary and higher education institutions with curriculum, and teacher training resources for more than two decades. Oracle has many years of experience in assisting Ministries of Education around the world integrate technology teaching in the classroom. The Oracle Academy helps 1.5 million students in 95 countries gain industry-relevant skills prior to entering the workplace.

Check out the respective Affiliate website for more specifics.


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