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Australian Educational Computing Vol 30.1 (2015)

Articles in this issue.

Research Articles (Refereed/Reviewed)
Alignment Between Principal And Teacher Beliefs About Technology Use
  • Abdulmajeed Alghamdi
  • Sarah Prestridge
Improving Learning Experiences Through Gamification: A Case Study
  • Benjamin Geelan
  • Kristy de Salas
  • Ian Lewis
  • Carolyn King
  • Dale Edwards
  • Aidan O'Mara
Synthesis of survey questions that accurately discriminate the elements of the TPACK framework
  • Seeta Jaikaran-Doe
  • Peter Edward Doe
Malaysian University Students’ Use of Mobile Phones for Study
  • Darren Pullen
  • J-F J-F
  • Karen Swabey
  • M Abadooz
  • Termit Kaur Ranjit Sing
The influence of the home learning environment on middle school students’ use of ICT at school
  • Darren Pullen
University student learning and the impact of technology on their learning
  • Darren Pullen
An analysis of 27 years of research into computer education published in Australian Educational Computing
  • Jason Zagami
General Articles (Non Refereed/Reviewed)
Believe it or not
  • Martin Levins
Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education
  • Petrea Redmond
New South Wales
ICT Educators of NSW
  • Martin Levins
South Australia
  • Jacqui Knipe
Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education
  • Jason Zagami
Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria
  • Donna Gronn
Australian Council for Computers in Education
Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum
  • Jason Zagami
2015 ACCE Study Tour
  • Martin Levins

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