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ICT and the Australian Curriculum Part 2

There has been a need to write a second ACCE position paper for ACARA.  Read about the second position paper and contribute to the discussion.

Download the second position paper. See attachment below.

ACCE recommends an approach to curriculum that is visionary and acknowledges the uncertain, the unknown, the dynamic, and the exciting nature of computing. Computing and Digital technologies  extends far beyond the notion of computing as programming, and proposes a curriculum area that is inseparable from human thought, action, interaction and identity.

ACCE proposes the clear articulation of learning pathways within the subject as well as preparing students to actively contribute to a digitally productive, knowledge based society. It supports the notion that ICT as a general capability and Computing and Digital Technologies (CDT) as a subject have distinct purposes, each with an essential role in the education of Australian children and young people.

ACCE Postion Paper Australian Curric May 2012 Part2 Final.pdf91.82 KB
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