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9 Sep 2010 conf_R_661_paabroc2.pdf (978.81 KB)
Project Atmosphere Australia Online: a story of 10 years: Project Atmosphere Australia Online is a Queensland teacher-developed project, based on shared activities and simple exchanges… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_662_Laptop Trial final.pdf (606.16 KB)
Laptops and Teacher Pedagogies: New Beginnings - Key Elements, Desirable X Factors: A discussion around the factors which make a Computers for Teachers program successful, based on experiences associated with the… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_676_ACEC_Pragmatic_2006 _1.pdf (97 KB)
Introduction to the pragmatic teaching of database concepts: Databases play a crucial role in today's connected world. Generally, they are invisible to a customer or employee, yet are 'under… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_544_Multimedia.pdf (272.15 KB)
Undertaking collaborative mulitmedia projects while working within the digital divide: This project was conducted between a university class of training teachers and a class of primary students in Perth then extended… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_556_ACEC_OrganisingMultiModalActivity.pdf (1.43 MB)
Organising multi-modal activity: using a LMS to facilitate L2 reading: Teaching students, individually and in groups, to read and interpret authentic technical texts within a foreign language can be… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_493_Claire_Bartlett_ACEC_refereed_final.pdf (1004.12 KB)
The human touch: establishing and facilitating a successful online learning community: The Remote Area Teacher Education Program (RATEP) is a community based Indigenous teacher education program. The Diploma of… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_433_ITDD_Conference Submission2.pdf (104.99 KB)
IT at Douglas Daly Primary School: Douglas Daly is a very small remote school in the Top End of the Northern Territory. It is situated approximately 220kms south… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_440_ACEC.pdf (212.53 KB)
Go Interactive with Flash!: Show and hide, Move and drop, Press and go, Start and stop… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_352_Can PDAs Make a Diff phase.pdf (302.29 KB)
Can PDA's make a difference?: Do personal digital assistants (PDA… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_357_Engaging Learners Through The Use of Pocket PC's.pdf (412.83 KB)
Engaging learners through the use of pocket PCs: Immanuel Lutheran College was the recipient of an Australian Government Quality Teacher Program grant to assist with the… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_325_Learnbrochure.pdf (1.43 MB)
Learning objects and other national treasures: Content from The Le@rning Federation (Learning Place speaker): What do Kingsford-Smith, a sea of hands and Rap music have in common? They all feature in a growing collection of high-quality… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_338_IT Essentials Brochure.pdf (145.74 KB)
Using the Cisco networking academy program in ITS and computer studies: IT Essentials consists of two courses that cover the basics of computer operations and networking using Windows and Linux. For a… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_287_nova5000_whitepaperDec05.pdf (1.29 MB)
Introducing NOVA5000 the exciting new student learning appliance, SLA, from Fourier Systems: NOVA5000 represents a major shift in focus in school computing from computer laboratories to true mobile student computing.… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_R_197_jetty.pdf (530.55 KB)
Using the Janison Toolbox Jetty Environment: Janison Toolbox has a variety of learning environments includin the Course Library and Jetty. The latter provides a self-… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_114_acec2004.pdf (227.57 KB)
Gifted Students and Information Communication Technology: A plethora of opportunities: For gifted students, Information Communication Technologies can open the doorway to more knowledge, new issues and different… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_54_judybkidsacec04.pdf (338.97 KB)
Kidspiration as an open ended software tool in the Early Years Classroom: Kidspiration is the young peoples version of the very successful thinking software, Inspiration and the 30 day trial version is… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 res_7696_Media_Enriched_Learning_Environments_ACCE_Issue_22[1].1_June_07.pdf (229.95 KB)
Leadership Forum: Following the successful Leadership Forum at ACEC‘06, ACCE will again bring together key leaders and decision makers in the… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 res_7667_Flyer.pdf (110.8 KB)
Canberra Accommodation: Our registration brochure will be available soon.To help you with your planning we have included some resources for finding… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 res_7667_canberra_map.pdf (1.1 MB)
Canberra Accommodation: Our registration brochure will be available soon.To help you with your planning we have included some resources for finding… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 res_7683_Preconference_Workshops_Registration_Form.pdf (239.08 KB)
Register Now: #floatimage { float:right; width:250px; margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; background: #FFFFFF; padding: 0px; text-align:center… Read more »
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