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9 Sep 2010 conf_P_773_ACEC06 Lyons.pdf (67.09 KB)
The need priorities of rural and urban ICT teachers: This paper presents findings from the SiMERR National Survey concerning the need priorities of secondary ICT teachers for… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_789_Teachers responding to disruptive pedagogy.pdf (380.51 KB)
Disruptive Pedagogy - The integration of ICT across the curriculum: No wonder that the integration of ICT across the curriculum in NSW has been problematic. Most teachers can use computers. They… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_790_Binder1.pdf (1.24 MB)
Teaching and learning principles for technology rich classrooms: Look inside the Year Five classroom at St Dominic’s School in Perth’s north-western suburbs on any weekday morning and you’ll see… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_1065_final A2 poster.pdf (923.12 KB)
CENSUS@SCHOOL - A Great Resource for Using and Teaching ICT: CensusAtSchool is the opportunity for your students to take part in a large scale, online questionnaire… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_1066_workshop.pdf (9.79 KB)
Student Assessment - An Online Alternative: Australian school students participated in national benchmark testing administered by agencies of the federal government in May… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_1042_iSHARE Framework for Sharing of Digital Resources to Support Teaching and Learning in Singapore Schools ACEC 2008.pdf (207.71 KB)
iSHARE Framework for Sharing of Digital Resources to Support Teaching and Learning in Singapore Schools: This paper presents a framework (iSHARE) which teachers in Singapore are currently using to share digital resources created by… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_1026_briannalaugher-acec2008.pdf (101.15 KB)
"Safe wiki": Teaching responsible use of Wikipedia: Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, has long been criticised by educators and even banned from schools… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_1036_ACEC Conference submission.pdf (38.53 KB)
ICT in Curriculum and Pedagogical Transformation: Teachers will be provided with the opportunity to use the Notebook Software to create a lesson that can be used within their own… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_1008_ACEC Paul ONeill.pdf (70.14 KB)
Theory of Knowledge Influencing ICT Practices in International Baccalaureate Curriculum: This paper explores how the contextualisation of knowledge for individuals might influence the teaching spaces and teaching… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_926_engagement.pdf (64.74 KB)
Recognising and Measuring Engagement in ICT-Rich Learning Environments: Engagement is being widely recognised as critical to the learning process. Either formally or informally this term arises during… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_937_MusicLessonsViaSatellite.pdf (472.52 KB)
Music Lessons via Satellite: An Australian Research Council Linkage project is investigating people… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_948_videoconferencing.pdf (62.33 KB)
Connecting Teachers in Remote Australia: Challenges in realising the potential of videoconferencing: Most teachers recognise the benefits of meeting face-to-face for professional learning activities. However, for teachers in… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_900_ACEC08_RMJPandGF.pdf (99.95 KB)
ACT to Improve IcT Use for Learning: A synthesis of studies of teacher confidence in using ICT in two Queensland schooling systems: A review of the literature about student use of ICT and the impact of ICT use on learning reveals a complexity of rationales and… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_918_WorkshopPaperDraft2.pdf (38.73 KB)
Technological Thinking - A Teaching Challenge: We present a 90 minute, experiential workshop. The central theme will be the challenge "How can technological thinking be taught… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_919_tnt-paper5.pdf (249.46 KB)
TNT: Technological Thinking, with No Technology: How can technological thinking be taught without using technology? We ask this question because of the potential offered by good… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_876_blogging.pdf (405.74 KB)
Joey Adventures: Year 1 Students Blog to Learn: Increasingly Web2.0 tools are being used to improve the social aspect of learning. The blog tool allows students to share their… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_814_call_for_papers_acec2008.pdf (15.72 KB)
School Web Based Management Applications: This session provides existing and potential school ICT leaders who are interested in web based applications providing new… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_770_Taylor (2006), The Great Connector[1].pdf (1.04 MB)
FIRST LEGO League: A powerful alliance between FIRST (For Inspiration… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_R_771_qsitenewsletter1.pdf (1.96 MB)
General meeting of QSITE members at the conference: Now that QSITE has reached its twenty-fifth year of operation, it's time to celebrate, to reflect and realign itself according to… Read more »
9 Sep 2010 conf_P_772_Using Finn Cragg Animations to Engage Learning PDF.pdf (450.95 KB)
Finn Cragg Animations: Finn Craig create innovative animations which are being used in Australian schools to help achieve tangible outcomes in a… Read more »
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