Conference Papers: 2004

Title Type Strand
Limitations of Online learning - A Focus on Authentic Assessment Paper - Refereed E-learning
Making IT have meaning beyond novelty Paper - Refereed E-learning
Developing new post-compulsory courses: Applied Information Technology and Computer Science. Paper - Refereed IT/Computing studies
Portable computing supporting project-based learning. Paper - Refereed Innovative pedagogical practices
Providing computer support for outcomes-based assessment. Paper - Refereed Information management
Windows Movie Maker. The easiest way to create rich multimedia content in the classroom. Presentation - Computer Workshop ICT in learning areas
Changing the Classroom Dynamics using ICT. Creating an environment where students are responsible for their own learning. Paper - Non-Refereed Innovative pedagogical practices
Yes, you can use MS Word and Excel in your classroom! Presentation - Computer Workshop ICT in learning areas
POWER in the Palm of Their Hands: The Power of Handheld Computing as a Tool to Transform Teaching and Learning Speakers - Invited concurrent Innovative pedagogical practices
Virtual Schools: A Critique of Two Models Paper - Refereed E-learning
Improving Bulletin Board Use in Face-to-Face Classes Paper - Non-Refereed Virtual learning communities
Getting the HOTs with ICT Paper - Non-Refereed ICT in learning areas
Embedding EdNA Services in Your Website Presentation - Computer Workshop Information management
Access to the Computer Labs Made Easy for ALL Curriculum Areas Presentation - Computer Workshop Networks and infrastructures
E-learning in a War Zone: NESA Virtual School Paper - Non-Refereed E-learning
Teacher Education in an Online World: Future Directions Paper - Refereed E-learning
ICT curriculum integration: Research directions for measuring outcomes Paper - Refereed ICT in learning areas
Changing landscapes, content, technologies: What is the optimal pathway ahead for Technology Education in professionally focused university programs? Paper - Non-Refereed Leadership and Change
Assignment Management: A Bottom Up Approach Paper - Non-Refereed Information management
Creating narratives using ICT , and in particular sound and visuals to bring to life the written word. Paper - Non-Refereed ICT in learning areas
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