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The global reach

NETS - National (US National) Educational Technology Standards have been a powerful influence on the setting of standards for student, teacher, preservice teacher and administrator standards in the use of ICts in learning across many countries as well as the US. In Australia and New Zealand, Professional standards are often refered to as compenencies or capabiities with levels of achievement refered to as standards. Terminology aside, the ISTE standards and accompanying resources are used as a benchmark, in the state and national professional benchmarking and professional learning program designs.

Aligned to US content standards, for Australians, ISTE Nets need to be interpreted in the context of new local initiatives in Essential Learnings and new curriculum reforms and the expected Australian Statements of Learning and Professional Elaborations. ISTE standards will be an important benchmarking document against which the value of the Australian Statements will be judged.

The National Educational Technology Standards Project

In a unique partnership with teachers and teacher educators, curriculum and education associations, government, businesses, and private foundations, ISTE has responded to calls for educational technology standards, guidelines, and tools with its National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) Project. During the past several years, ISTE has released a number of publications supporting the National Educational Technology Standards. The latest books in this series include NETS•T—Preparing Teachers to Use Technology; NETS Curriculum Series—Multidisciplinary Units for Grades 3–5; and Making Technology Work for You—A Guide for School Administrators. Upcoming NETS books (early 2003) will focus on multidisciplinary units for Grades PK–2 and teacher assessment.

ISTE's Accreditation and Standards Committee

ISTE’s Accreditation and Standards Committee has established and regularly updates guidelines for evaluating university educational computing and technology programs in the United States. In 1996 and 1997, the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education approved ISTE’s programs as well as specific requirements for the following endorsements and degrees:

Educational Computing and Technology Literacy Endorsement
Secondary Computer Science Endorsement
Secondary Computer Science Education Initial Degree Program
Educational Computing and Technology Leadership Advanced Program

NETS Resources

An extremely large range of resources are available from ISTE.

More information

See the ISTE NETS web site.

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