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ISTE Affiliates

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ISTE affiliates

Non profit associations may join ISTE as an affiliate organisation tapping both the management teams and members, into a world-wide network of colleagues striving to improve use of ICTs in Learning.

The representation of Affiliates in the Southern hemisphere and Asian region is strong, enabling this ACEC conference to be a major event in the Affiliates calendar. ISTE  and its world wide affiliates will attend a professional associations meeting, hosted by ACCE providing a forum for exchanging information about managing non-profit bodies and developing synergistic relationships which improve services to members. See details below.

An Affiliate Executive support meetings of affiliates and provide the network for management teams of ISTE Affiliates world wide. International members of ISTE have one representative on the Affiliates Board.

To become an ISTE Affiliate, check the ISTE web site or email Ryan Imbriale,, chair of the ISTE Affiliates committee.

ISTE’s affiliates involved in the conference include

Auckland Computers in Education Society

Australian Council for Computers in Education

Computer Education Group of New South Wales

Computer Education Group of South Australia

Information Technology Educators Association of the Northern Territory

Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education

Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education

ICT in Education Victoria

Computing Studies Association of NSW

Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association

Executive teams meeting


Hosted by ACCE, with support of ISTE, this meeting will enable exectives of non-profit associations to share experiences of

managing volunteer teams,
hosting conferences,
managing publications in a new online age,
using community building tools and processes and
maintaining membership in a changing profession.

The meeting will also look at the global progress in the use of ICTs in Education and enable associations to benchmark their work against OECD data and reports. The meeting is designed to be a professional leanring experience for everyone,as well as a chance to share pratcices of non-profit associations.

When: Sunday 1st October 2006 9.00-3.00pm
Where: Cairns Convention Centre, the site of the ACEC 2006 conference

Contacts for information.

Chris Jager, international representative on ISTE Board.
Tony Brandenburg, ACCE.

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