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ThinkQuest Australia 2010

Each year teams of students across the globe participate in the ThinkQuest International initiative, a competition that challenges teams of students to engage in a topic of their choice, researching information and presenting the results of their work as a website resource for other students. The research, analysis, creativity and teamwork required provides students with an opportunity to develop the very skills so often cited as those necessary in the twenty first century.

Many previous website entries for ThinkQuest demonstrate an outstanding level of investigative teamwork, in-depth analysis and creative flair, but the real value of ThinkQuest is the project-based learning that all of the teams experience. Every team that completes their project is a winner in that respect.

However the timing of the ThinkQuest International competition is scheduled to match the northern hemisphere academic year.  ACCE has therefore organised ThinkQuest Australia, a local version of ThinkQuest with the support of the Oracle Education Foundation which is the organisation responsible for ThinkQuest.

ThinkQuest Australia has the same structure, principles and educational purpose as the international competition.

Regsitration for ThinkQuest Australia is available at website  where teachers can register as coaches and then register student teams.

Thinkquest Australia has three age divisions: 12 and under; 15 and under; and 19 and under.

Coach registration
All team coaches must be teachers at a registered Australian school.  Registration requires two steps
1) a teacher registers online via the 'enrol' button on the site. The online form requires details of the email address of the school principal
2) the school principal receives an email with a link which will be used to confirm the school's acknowledgement and approval of the teacher coach registration.

Team registration
All teams are composed of 3-6 students enrolled in Australian schools. Teams are registered into one of three age divisions: 19 & Under, 15 & Under, and 12 & Under. Teams can have students from different age divisions but the team's age division is determined by the age of the eldest student. Each team registration includes a title for the topic that the team will address through their project work.

The ThinkQuest website includes advice for coaches and other support material.

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