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ACCE/ACS Educator of the Year

The ACCE and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Educator of the Year award is a national award intended to recognise the importance of the work of Australian teachers who are contributing to the use of information and communication technologies in their schools.

Each state member association has the opportunity to nominate a school-based educator for the award. The nominee will usually be the recipient of a state award. Nominations have to be submitted to ACCE by October 31st annually.

The ACCE Educator of the Year award is announced and presented at a national conference where practical.

The winner of the ACCE Educator of the Year Award
→ receives up to $2,000
→ receives a plaque
→ is recognized on the ACCE web site
→ may be invited to present at the next ACCE conference

Selection Process
The selection committee for the award will consist of a panel designated by the ACCE Board and will consider the submissions according to the award criteria. The selection committee, where practical, will not contain the ACCE representatives from the states / territories from which nominations have been submitted. The selection committee will be chaired by the ACS representative or a nominee of the Chair of the ACS National Computer Education Committee. Successful applicants may not necessarily fulfill all criteria. Nominees for this national award must address some or all of the criteria for the award.

Administrators in schools, district and regional personnel and people attached to offices of school systems also contribute to learning, schools and the professional computer education community, however this award focuses on recognising the efforts of classroom based educators. Nominees must be based in a school and considered a member of the teaching staff of that school.

To be eligible for the awards, candidates must be individual members of their state / territory CEG.

Submission Process
An electronic copy of a state / territory nomination to the national awards shall be supplied to the Chair of the selection committee by 31 October annually. Submissions for either award should be restricted to six pages only (or equivalent) of printable information with a further four pages of supporting documentation in any media.

Application should include:

  • Application Form
  • Nomination Statement (including reference to criteria)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of Recommendation (minimum of two).

Criteria for Selection
Candidates should submit an application that organizes evidence under the following headings. The evidence should show that the applicant is respected as a leader and innovator both internal and external to their own institution.

  • Significant positive impact on technology use in education; locally, regionally, state wide, nationally, worldwide.
  • Efforts to involve the community in the initiative or program to facilitate partnerships with business and/or legislative initiations to advance the use of technology in education.
  • Works tirelessly to genuinely improve the quality of education.
  • Integrates deliberate planning in an effort to improve education through the use of technology.
  • Education and/or work experience has been significantly advanced in the nominee's workplace as a result of the nominee's efforts.
  • Active member of professional organizations.
  • Contributed to the profession by presenting at professional conferences, seminars and/or workshops or publishing articles in print or through electronic media.
  • Work can be used as a model.
  • Work reflects the mission and purpose of ACCE.
  • Will represent ACCE well in all forums.
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