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ACCE Digital Technologies Award

Introduction to the award

The ACCE Digital Technologies Educator of the Year award is a national award intended to recognise the importance of the work of Australian teachers who are innovatively employing the Digital Technologies Curriculum in their K-12 schools.

Each state member association has the opportunity to nominate a K-12 school-based educator for the award. The nominee will usually be the recipient of a similar state award. Nominations have to be submitted to ACCE by October 31st annually.

The ACCE Digital Technologies Educator of the Year award is announced and presented at a national conference where practical.



The winner of the ACCE Digital Technologies Educator of the Year Award

➢     receives up to $2,000

➢     receives a plaque

➢     is recognized on the ACCE web site

➢     may be invited to present at the next ACCE conference


Selection Process

The selection committee for the award will consist of a panel designated by the ACCE Board and will consider the submissions according to the award criteria. The selection committee, where practical, will not contain the ACCE representatives from the states / territories from which nominations have been submitted. Nominees for this national award must address some or all of the criteria for the award. Successful applicants may not necessarily fulfil all criteria however a holistic determination will be made by the panel in comparison with other nominees.



Nominees must be based in a K-12 school and considered a member of the teaching staff of that school.  To be eligible for the awards, candidates must be individual financial members of their state / territory CEG.


Please note: Administrators in schools, district and regional personnel and people attached to offices of school systems also contribute to learning, schools and the professional computer education community, however this award focuses on recognising the efforts of classroom based educators. 

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